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Video Biography - A Person, Family, or Business

Do you wish you could watch and listen to your parents or grandparent recount their lives. Their ups and  downs, bright spots and favorite memories all while hearing their voice and seeing the nuance of their face and personality.  You are not alone in this, and chances are, your kids and grand kids would enjoy experiencing these memories and learning more about you as well. They will find out more than they thought they knew and you, in turn, will rediscover

the rich and full life you are living. Everyone has a life story to tell and

everyone's life is important and worthy of the tale.  

 Personal video documentaries artfully blend filmed and edited interviews together with family photos, maps,

documents, archived video and other memorabilia. The result is a visually captivating ‘moving portrait’ capturing you recounting your life story and memories while reinforcing them with period images to better relate to the times.

Parents Prom 4 x 6.jpg

    The video will be a linear progression of your life. And although dates and places are important, we want to make sure that these aspects are given life by your recollections of what made these places special, why you liked your school, your friends, what was happening in your family at this time. Of course, life is never easy, your struggles, family struggles and challenges should be recounted as well. Often time the younger generations viewing the video can learn from your challenges and better appreciate the strength it takes to live a life and raise a family.

    Ultimately, we want your documentary to help explain and appreciate the experiences that made you the individual you are and the life you’ve lived.

The Process

Orientation meeting:

    The first meeting will outline your narrative, we will discuss the story you want to tell, such as your lineage, your life, or the life of your business career. The narrative will then be guided by a series of questions. The questions will be reviewed by you to make sure it is a comfortable fit and one that you feel comfortable and natural narrating. Accompanying material, photos, videos, memorabilia will be reviewed for digitization and chronology.

The Interview:

    The filmed interviews will take place in the comfort of your own residence with a series of questions, based on the outline, we will help guide you through the process. Expect the interview to last about 2 hours. Of course additional footage can be added if at the end of the session you feel certain aspects of your story have not been addressed. A cost assessment can be determined. Equipment for the interview is kept to a minimum with two video cameras(Canon C100 Mark2 HD camera), two lights and microphone. A compelling, cinematic look is desired with a shallow depth of field focusing on you.


Interview footage will be edited with accompanying images weaved into the narrative. One review of the video will be held with suggested edits to be made.

Final Product will be transferred via the media most convenient for the customer.

Pricing  Guide


Pricing is based on several factors. Length of intended video, number of locations, amount of  supporting images, videos or other memorabilia to be included.

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